This week saw 23 members and 13 guests in attendance to honor 4 outstanding senior students and hear from Glenwood Springs Public Works Director, Matt Langhorst.  
President Swanson had lots of announcements and Happy Bucks were given by all.  Even our guest speaker had 5 happy bucks to contribute.
After leading us in a rousing rendition of "I've Been Working on the Railroad", Steve Shute presented today's class of "Outstanding Seniors."  When President Swanson asked for all the seniors to come up front, almost half of the those in attendance got out of their chairs.  Steve then clarified that he meant High School Seniors.  Jonathan Lovelace, Marley Horch, Sage Kelly, and Emily  Arnhold were all presented with a Rotary Coin and told us a little about their educational goals and three character traits that they possess.  The Rotarians cheered when the students mentioned their alma maters as schools they would be attending.
Matt Langhorst, Public Works Director, was introduced by Doug Yajko and gave a presentation on City projects current and future.  From water and electricity, to roads and bridges, Matt presented and answered all questions.  Many wanted the presentation to go on, but we do have a time limit.
Next week we will continue with presentations from the City as Dan Roper, Parks Superintendent will be presenting.