Friday we were blessed with two more Glenwood High School Seniors who presented their Capstone Projects.  Director of the program Tom Penzel spoke a little about the Capstone program and then Alyson Baltzer and Ashlee Mirabal each gave us a sample of the books they had done.  Alyson wrote and illustrated a book on anxiety.  During her presentation she showed no signs of anxiety, the book must have worked.  Ashlee had done a book of poems and also provided us a reading.  It was great to hear about the program and from two students.   We were also joined by several other high school students as well as family of the presenters.
As we wrap up our May meetings Friday with one of our own, Floyd Diemoz, we then turn the page to the final month of the current administration.  With Charter Night happening on June 29 at Ironbridge, President Swanson is in the final stretch of his term.   We have a lot happening in June, in addition to Charter Night.  We have Pie Days on June 16, Pancake Breakfast on June 18, and of course Chinle June 9-10.  Many people have been working behind the scenes to make these events happen and will need help successfully pulling them off.  As always, help will be needed.  Get out that Rotary shirt and get ready for a busy June.