Shelter Box 14er Project
Last Friday, our speaker was Brittney Woodrum.  What a presentation! By the end of the meeting, we had 3 and were working toward a 4th peak sponsored which is equivalent to 4 Shelter Boxes:
Myles and Brad P – 1 peak
Pam – 1 peak
Carter, Ken and Shute – 1 peak
John H - $500 toward the 4th peak….can you help get Brittney to the top of another peak?!  Please let Pam or Debbie know.  Pam is organizing our donations for this. She would like our Club to again be a gold level Shelter Box sponsor = $5k.
My name is Brittney Woodrum, and I am a Rotary Peace Fellow candidate and ShelterBox ambassador. You may not realize this, but ShelterBox was founded as a Rotary club project over 20 years ago and has since grown into a prominent disaster relief organization, providing shelter to countless individuals experiencing crisis around the world. There has never been a greater need for this type of work than now, and it’s organizations like these that inspired me to study humanitarian assistance and dedicate my life to serving others. Currently, ShelterBox is playing a key role in the international COVID-19 response, helping to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to shelter in place despite their circumstances.

In an effort to support their mission, I am currently embarking on a monumental physical challenge called The Fourteeners Project. This coming July-October, I am planning to hike every one of Colorado’s 58 Fourteeners with the organization’s iconic ShelterBox on my back.

I am currently looking for club support to sponsor this project. My goal is to raise $1400 per mountain for a total of $82,000 for this incredible cause. All proceeds will go directly to ShelterBox's COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, helping to ensure that they can continue to provide for our planet’s most vulnerable. Should you be interested in learning more, I would love to share more with you about this project and would be more than willing to present to your club (even virtually).

In the meantime, please feel free to visit the Fourtneener's Project official website ( where you can find more information about the project, including ways to donate and schedule a presentation.

I appreciate your time and consideration and genuinely hope you and your loved ones are safe, hearty, and healthy during these uncertain times.
Warmest regards,
Brittney Woodrum
ShelterBoxUSA Ambassador
m: 859-559-8923