Glenwood Springs Noon Rotary

58th Annual Pie Day

The Glenwood Springs Noon Rotary Club is proud to continue the tradition of Pie Days, begun by the Valley View Hospital Auxiliary. Proceeds benefit scholarships to local students.
Friday, June 18 from 7:30 to 11am, United Methodist Church, 824 Cooper, Glenwood Springs
Purchase a homemade, whole pie for $30
Pie Baking Sign Up – Using this sign up is helpful. Thank you.  Click Here
You will see a category to choose (fruit pies, gluten free, other.) Check the category, then click on “Submit and Sign Up.” That will take you to the place where you put in your info and indicate what kind and how many pies you intend to contribute to the sale.
Or…let Amber know what kind and how many pies you plan to bring. 970.319.8043 
Pie Guidelines:
Homemade, of course.  No pies that need refrigeration, please. Crumb crusts and no crust pies are welcome.
All pies MUST be covered with saran wrap or a clear plastic cover when you drop them off.
We have extra pie tins! Call Amber Brandt at 970.319.8043 for additional details.
Please label your pie as follows:
Identify ingredients of concern for dietary needs i.e. nuts, gluten free, sugar free.  A copy of the recipe or list of ingredients is helpful.
Share your name, email and phone number, so we can thank you and contact you again for next year.
We ask that pie bakers use extra precaution by washing hands frequently and using strict hygienic practices.  
Drop off at the Methodist Church either Thursday, June 17th between 6:30-7:30pm OR the morning of June 18th between 6:30-7:30am.
Pie Baking Questions?  Please call Amber Brandt at 970.319.8043 (accepts texts)