President Swanson concluded his term as President and the 2022-23 Rotary Year came to an end.  The evening was a fun Rotary evening with Rotarians, Family, and Friends.  The setting for the evening was the Iron Bridge Grill at the golf course.  Things got underway with a cocktail hour from 5 to 6PM.  There was plenty of socializing and the evening was off to a great start.  Sticking to the program, President Swanson rang the bell and asked Darrell Mount to deliver the invocation.  Darrell thanked The Almighty for the blessings the past year and asked for guidance for incoming President John Wells in the coming year.  Following the invocation, Steve Shute lead us in John Denver's Take Me Home.  As always Steve delivered and his lyric changes, while not welcomed by those from West Virginia, the Colorado change was welcomed by everyone in the room.
Following the song, the race was on; the race to the buffet line.  The Iron Bridge staff had prepared quite the spread: Salmon, Stuffed Portobello, Scalloped Potatoes, a Vegetable Medley, Salad, and Prime Rib.  The meal was concluded with Cheesecake.  Following dinner, and right on time, President Swanson spoke to the club and recapped the year and thanked everyone for their efforts.  He was especially grateful for those that helped get his term started.  After being sick with pneumonia and in ICU during last year's Charter Night, he was also grateful to be in attendance.  While thanking everyone he also pointed out our clubs many successes this past year.  Over $96,000 in cash contributions in 2022-23 in addition to many hours.  Service Above Self showed through this past year
After finishing his remarks, Immediate Past President Michelle Lefebvre presented Steve with a beautiful walking stick engraved with much about Rotary and signifying Steve's year as President.  Incoming President John Wells then presented Steve with a plaque and his new Rotary Badge signifying the words "Past President."  At that point Steve was given a standing ovation and able to sit back, reflect even more, and new President John Wells took the Chaps....reigns.
President Wells thanked Immediate Past President Swanson for his service and thanked him for the current state of the Club.  He thanked the Iron Bridge staff, and welcomed his new officers and board.  The new officers were presented with their Rotary officer pins and President Wells concluded his thanks.  
Debbie Wilde then spoke a little about membership and thanked the membership committee with a nice dashboard protector/sunscreen.  She hinted to more swag to come in the coming year as she continues her position as Membership Chair.  Brad Plantz will continue as Chair of the Fundraising and Grants Committee and was praised for his efforts with both Pie Day and Pancake Breakfast.  Rounding out the 2023-24 Board will be Sergeant at Arms, PJ Jaycox and Rotary Foundation President Ken Robinson.  In addition Immediate Past President Steve Swanson, President-Elect Nick Adams, and Treasurer Charlene Revoir will round out the Board for President Wells.  Adams will also continue as Club Secretary.
As we begin the 2023-24 Rotary Year, the theme is Create Hope in the World.  Everyone in attendance was given a pin for the 2023-24 year with the new theme.  As we conclude the 2022-23 year and begin anew, it has been truly amazing to see the works that the collective called the Glenwood Springs Rotary Club has accomplished.  As we begin this new year, put your individual talents to use.  Find a committee where you can showcase your passion, lend a hand where you can, remember the 4 way test, and always remember Service Above Self.