Dear Rotary Club members,

As your newly appointed Web Master my task is to allow all of our members to utilize more of the features of our site.  I need as much help as possible if we are to succeed.  If you are a program chair for a month please e-mail me the details of the speakers as soon as you know them.  This will allow me to update the calendar.  If you have news stories or photographs please send those as well. 

The following are some tips that might help you with the site.

1. The URL is

2. Many features such the calendar, stories, history, etc.  can be accessed from the home page without logging into the site.

3. Your login id is a combination of your first initial, your last name and 3264, for example tedmonds3264.

4. If you have not logged into the site before your initial password is your initial and last name.

5. If your password doesn't work click on the area labeled "I forgot my password" and it will be e-mailed to you.

6. Once you have logged in you may then go to the area labeled "admin".  This area is only available to our members. It contains several features that are helpful to you.  You can view your own profile and create one of several directories of all of the club members.  You can check your own attendance record and advise the secretary of make ups that may have missed.  You can generate and send an e-mail to some or all of the members.

Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions, comments or support needs that you may have.  My contacts are, 945-0556

Thanks for the help

Ted Edmonds
Web Master
Rotary Club of Glenwood Springs.