Apr 14, 2023
Dave Kanzer
Colorado River District

As the Director of Science and Interstate Matters, Kanzer works to address the impacts posed by widespread warming, aridification and growth to the water quality and quantity of the Colorado River.

For almost 30 years at the Colorado River District, DK has focused on targeted implementation programs to address water supply and demand imbalances that have been exacerbated by growth and climate change, while endeavoring to reduce environmental impacts. As part of large-scale partnership efforts involving all seven Colorado River Basin states, Kanzer has been active in salinity control and drought contingency planning efforts that involve coordinated reservoir operations, management of regional consumptive water uses and increasing water supplies via cloud seeding across the watershed.

Together, these efforts are designed to increase water supply security for more than 40 million people reliant on the Colorado River Basin, including all interests, stakeholders and beneficiaries across the agricultural, municipal, environmental, and recreational sectors.

Kanzer is a registered professional engineer in Colorado; he earned his Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Geological Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.